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Our Coffee Empowers The Farming Community in Ethiopia

The origin of coffee is believed to have been Ethiopia. In fact, the word coffee is believed to have been derived from the word keffa. Keffa is Ethiopia’s chief coffee producing province.

And Lewi Coffee Farm is located at the original birth place of Coffee, Keffaa with Altitude of 1800 - 2200 and Annual Rainfall of 1750mm.

The farm thrives to be a model for other private farms that growing coffee. So far, Lewi has 400ha of coffee farm in Keffa and 1000ha of coffee farm in Bench under the natural Afromontane forests. We also have beekeeping which would serve as a pollinator for the coffee plants and provide honey products.

The farm is being run with due and positive consideration for the ecology of the area. As per our baseline study, our forest coffee is sequestering lots of carbon dioxide (639.64±286.10t ha-1) per annum (Aticho, 2013) which with no doubt is an immense impetus to the on-going effort of the Ethiopian Government particular and the world in general in the fight against global warming.

To scale up this carbon dioxide fixation in our production area, we have also raised and planted many indigenous trees (153,000) on open spaces without disturbing the existing forest. We have a moto “No tree shall be cut without a reason and replacement”. Moreover, cover crops such as Desmodium and Crotalaria spp. are being used as cover crops to control weeds, fix carbon dioxide and add organic matter to the soil upon decomposition.

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